dlaNIS announces receipt of  award as one of the prime contractors on the Defense Logistics Agency J6 Enterprise Technology Services (JETS) contract. JETS is an 8-year, $6 Billion (IDIQ) vehicle that provides a broad range of technology services to further DLA in its mission to support US warfighters worldwide. NIS is one of the 19 companies awarded in Group C (8a), and is eligible for competing in task areas:

  • TASK AREA 1 – Network and Telecommunication Services
  • TASK AREA 2 – Technology Services
  • TASK AREA 3 – Stakeholder Integrated Services (SIS)
  • TASK AREA 5 – Lifecycle Program Support Services
  • TASK AREA 6 – Information Assurance (IA) Support (Certification and Accreditation)
  • TASK AREA 7 – Information Assurance (IA) Technology Assessment
  • TASK AREA 8 – Information Assurance (IA) – Cybersecurity Assessment Program (CAP)
  • TASK AREA 9 – Information Assurance (IA) Support for the Enterprise
  • TASK AREA 10 – Task Order (TO) Project Management Support
  • TASK AREA 11 – Virtual Workforce Training
  • TASK AREA 16 – Systems Engineering Support
  • TASK AREA 19 – Test and Documentation Support
  • TASK AREA 20 – Information Technology (IT) Process Management Support

NIS is eligible to compete under Group A, Group B and Group C
(unrestricted, 100% small business set-aside task orders, and 8(a) competitive task
orders), and is eligible for 8(a) sole source task orders under Group C.


Astor & Sanders Corporation                                      Intelligent Consulting LLC

BTECH Consulting Inc.                                                 ITility, LLC

Computers Universal Inc.                                            Java Productions, Inc.

Creek Technologies Company                                    JJ Technology Solutions LLC

Digital Consultants, LLC                                               KeyBridge Technologies, Inc.

Technique Solutions, Inc.                                             Zenith Advanced Solutions LLC

Diverse Business Systems, Inc.                                   The MIL Corporation