Management Consulting

shutterstock_126670361.jpgNIS provides management consulting services to federal and commercial clients. It is our mission to make positive, sustainable, measurable changes in our clients’ organizations. We evaluate each opportunity: identify strengths, ascertain weaknesses, mitigate threats, leverage technology, stimulate communication, allocate resources, quantify results, and integrate human capital.

Digital Enterprise


Social, mobile, web, cloud and analytic technologies can give your organization competitive advantage. NIS leverages technology  to provide organizations with real-time, analytic, adaptive and predictive capabilities: Real-time data for real-time results.

Policy, Strategy and Operations

shutterstock_336453041To align policy with strategy and operations is to create a win-win scenario. NIS takes into account macro- and micro-trends specific to each client’s industry and location. We want to accelerate growth, implement standard workflow processes, assign accountability, achieve short- and long-term goals, and adapt to industry demands.

Survey, Metrics and Evaluation

shutterstock_538204612Progress is quantifiable, and benchmarking is essential. NIS works with clients to design surveys and formulate metrics to monitor data, analyze trends and evaluate progress. We use technology products to enable our clients to access the best data for decisions.

Human Resource Management

shutterstock_370416890.jpgOrganizations must balance demographic shifts with the need to cut costs. Proper human resource management practices enable control over the organization and product integrity. NIS works with clients to: identify workforce demand and talent needed to actualize the vision, and cultivate growth in years to come.

Communications and Social Media

shutterstock_134112389The Digital Age affords digital marketing and communication channels. There are many social media tools that can: support recruiting efforts, broaden networks, advance business development, increase brand visibility and enhance communications. NIS uses social networks to advance our clients and increase visibility.

Financial Management and Auditing

evaluates financials including accounts receivables/payables, fixed assets, forecasting and profit-loss reporting. We follow: the Department of Defense (DoD) Financial Management Regulation (FMR), Office of the Under Secretary of Defense Comptroller 2015 Financial Improvement and Audit Readiness (FIAR) Guide, GAO reports/manuals, Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and others.

Regulatory Environment Compliance


NIS identifies gaps within your organization that may need to be addressed in order to maintain compliance with legislation. Our team reviews written policy and procedures, interview staff and investigates risk areas. Through ongoing and periodic compliance appraisals, we ensure compliance standards are being met.

Organizational Change Management


Change is unavoidable and inevitable. NIS works to create a comprehensive organizational remodel that: Complies with the Regulatory Environment; Captures the Client’s Mission, Vision & Values; Aligns Objectives with Deliverables; Applies Industry Best Practices; Leverages Technology and Creates Measurable, Sustainable Change.